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Table Vinyls, Floor Vinyls & Clings

We produce and print in house, we use environmentally friendly materials which leave little or no residue or damage to the surface below.

Vinyl is the perfect way to make any ad stand out!  You can decorate almost any surface with adhesive vinyl. From basic designs to bright splashes of promotion across your walls and sales counters. We can even brand the back of your vehicles, lifts and stairs.

We produce and print everything in house, we use an environmentally friendly material which leaves no residue or damage to the surface below.

table vinyl for recruitment advertising

Our most popular vinyl product, Table Vinyls, are unique and eye-catching. Our table vinyls are perfect for putting your message directly in front of your audience. Some of our most successful campaigns have used this concept. Very popular with Graduate and University campaigns as they can be deployed across high dwell time areas on campus, in café’s Bars, Restaurant’s & Refectories etc. They are also an ideal way to communicate internal or referral recruitment campaigns

We love them because you can make them exciting and interactive. We have printed call to action on them, created competitions on them, printed QR and SNAP codes. They can also be fully NFC enabled with microchip devices embedded in the vinyl for an interactive candidate experience.

giant recruitment advertising floor sticker

Floor Stickers, as with Table Vinyls, are usually deployed on privately owned premises such as student unions, shopping centres and train stations. Ideal for targeting high footfall locations for maximum impact. Also a good directional method to drive traffic to a particular area.

clingz on a car window for recruitment advertising

ClingZ are a unique statically charged printable film that ‘clings’ on to virtually any clean surface without the need for tape, tacks or adhesives. Making them extremely versatile as they can be placed almost anywhere.  They are ideal for driver recruitment campaigns, as can be placed on driver’s windscreens which results in an almost guaranteed read.

Table Vinyl, Floor Vinyl & Cling Examples

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