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Clean Ads

An environmentally friendly way of advertising, also known as reverse graffiti or clean graffiti, the ads are produced by simply ‘cleaning’ pavement.

clean ad for recruitment advertising

Clean Ads are the most environmentally friendly way of advertising. Also known as reverse graffiti or clean graffiti the ads are produced by simply ‘cleaning’ pavement with high pressure water using a suitable template we cut in-house.

No chemicals, No spray paints or any substances other than water are used and the ads will naturally fade over a period of weeks/months.

Clean Ads are an excellent method for creative campaigns, where the client wants to target candidates in an innovative and ‘edgy’ way. They work especially well for Tech campaigns as we can directly target the desired audience and place the clean ads exactly where we know the candidates will be – competitor targeting, tech clusters and certain areas of a city.

Clean Ads Examples

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